Tokyo Olymipic 2020 will be canceled or postponed or held?

2020Tokyo Olympic info (Eng)

Hello I’m a Japanese blogger, Rakusuke (rakuskeblog).

It’s 13th on Mar to write a article regarding Tokyo Olympic 2020.

WHO declared Coronavirus “Covid-19″as Pandemic yesterday, I feel that it’s a little bit late for WHO to declare because it’s obviously spread the virus all over the world. 

This Pandemic will force IOC and Japan to cancel or postpone or held Tokyo Olympic 2020. 

Of course we Japanese hope that Tokyo Olympic 2020 will be held in 2020 as planned, but it It will be more in difficult situation to decide because of the Pandemic “Covid-19”. 


How is Tokyo’s COVID-19 situation?

It’s 13th Fri on May. 

Number of infection at Tokyo is totally 75 by 12th Mar.
The number of infection might be increasing with more PCR kits to test.

I will update this number of Tokyo in this blog.


How is the number of other area infection in Japan.

This is good dashboard each prefecture in Japan. Please check this site to know the current number.

13th on Mar
Total infection: 693

Outstanding Area is following area.

Hokkaido: 136 

*Hokkaido declared Emergency situation for only Hokkaido area 28th on Feb.

Hokkaido is famous sightseeing places where a lot of chinese people traveled within winter season. That’s one reason.

ArcGIS Dashboards
ArcGIS Dashboards

US president Trump suggests that it should be postponed.

Trump suggested Japan that Summer Tokyo Olympics will be postponed due to Coronavirus.

Trump suggests Summer Olympics could be postponed due to coronavirus
President Trump on Thursday suggested Japan should consider postponing the 2020 Summer Olympics for a year due to the coronavirus rather than conduct the quadre...

That’s one good option rather than cancel Olympic, 

While Tokyo City Governor, Yuriko Koike said that Cancellation of Tokyo Olympic is hard to think. We will go ahead as planned.

Japanese media that the cancellation of the Olympics would be economic loss about 7.8 trillion yen.

IOC Bach will have advice from WHO for Tokyo Olympic

Japan gov and Tokyo need to consider Plan B