Do you want Necessary information for Tokyo Olympics 2020

2020Tokyo Olympic info (Eng)

I’m Rakusuke, a Japanese blogger who writes about Japanese workstyle and lifestyle.

As you know, we will have Tokyo Olympic from this July to this Aug, 2020.

That is the biggest sport event in Tokyo and Japan and will have a lot of people from oversea during the Olympic time.

People from many countries may come to Japan at the first time, and you need useful information about Tokyo, biggest city in Japan.

Tokyo is famous for numerous things to see and top attractions. During the long stay, hope you plan and enjoy to do fully. 



Therefore I will deliver useful Tokyo Olympic information 2020 for you in advance.

Are there any topics which you’re interested in about especially Tokyo and Olympic?



Target reader is…..

  • People who plan to visit Tokyo Olympic from overseas.
  • People who plan to visit Tokyo, Japan for a sightseeing.

I will introduce such following information in this blog.

  • Hotel and Hostel to stay at Tokyo
  • English Tokyo Map 
  • Useful English App for Subway and JR
  • Sightseeing information
  • Personal Taxi information
  • Olympic information
  • Site to find Japanese friends online and offline.
  • Japanese restaurants (Ramen and Tempra, Izakaya, Japanese food)

Please let me know about your request from below comment at the bottom of blog.

Hope you check my blog and enjoy your stay at Tokyo.